Offshore Company Incorporation

Some countries and regions (such as BVI, Samoa and Cayman etc.) have formulated some especially loose tax systems to attract worldwide investors coming to those countries for company incorporation. This kind of company is generally is not subject to any tax, except an annual license fee. Meanwhile, all international banks accept this kind of company formation and provide bank account opening and financial operation services. Some offshore company registration can also be listed in other countries or regions.


An Offshore company is different from a general limited company mainly with regard to tax revenue; that is, revenue from an Offshore company is not subject to any tax payment, nor to any tax declaration, and the shareholders' information, shareholding percentage and revenue status are entitled to high confidentiality. For a summary of various Offshore companies, see the

Set Up Offshore company is generally used for the purpose of
  • Offshore listing

  • Investment

  • Acting as a holding company

  • Tax planning

  • International trade

In order to meet different demands from clients, we are providing the following Offshore company incorporation service
  • BVI Company
  • Cayman Islands Company
  • Samoa Company
  • Seychelles Company
  • Anguilla Company
  • Bahamas Company
  • Bermuda Company
  • Mauritius Company

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